Social Connections is proudly supported and funded by Western Victoria Primary Health Network, Ballarat Community Health & Grampians Community Health & City of Ballarat

social connections program - feeling lonely

Are you feeling lonely or socially isolated? We can help.

Are you new in town, do you live alone or just want to feel more connected to your community? The FREE Social Connections Program pairs you with a Peer Connector who provides you with the support to help you engage into your local community based upon your interests, goals and social needs.

Referral agents

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social connections program - healthcare professionals

Health Professionals wanting to link patients with non-medical support?

Helping Health professionals, social and frontline workers to easily respond to individuals’ social needs by offering an easy referral pathway into the Social Connections Program. Social Connections is a proactive model that aims to build upon existing strengths and resources in the individual themselves and within the community.

Click here to refer a patient or client in need of social connection support or conduct a quick search to find relevant and local resources and community services that may help.

Referral Acceptors

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social connections program - community initiatives

Are you a community organisation or group? Take the Pledge

Are you passionate about your community and helping those who are socially isolated and lonely? Find out how to work with us to help those needing social connection support. You can make a difference today by taking the pledge to build stronger community connections.

What is the Social Connections Program?

Our FREE Social Connections Program pairs you with a Peer Connector. A Peer Connector is someone who will listen to your social needs. They ask questions about your interests and hobbies to help develop a plan and provide you with the right support to help you connect to your community. Once you have a plan, the Peer Connectors support you to start and continue it.

Are you offering support as a healthcare professional?

Our Social Connections Program pairs individuals with a Peer Connector for free, who provides them with the support to help engage into community, based upon their interests, goals and social needs.

Becoming a Social Connections committed organisation

By taking the pledge your organisation will be proudly displayed as part of the Social Connections Website. Demonstrating your organisations level of commitment to improving social connectedness and reducing social isolation and loneliness in your local area.

What is Social Connections Program?

Being apart of the Social Connections Program will provide you with the support to help you engage into community based upon your interests, goals, and social needs, build your self-confidence and empower self-management skills. Start your journey by connecting with a Peer Connector today.

Community Services & Resources

A range of different community services and resources have been gathered to help you engage with the community initiatives in your area.

Let’s keep connected

Want to know more about Social Connections or have a question that isn’t answered on the website, please contact us using the link below. One of our friendly team members will be in touch to help you and your enquiry.

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